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Dear Papa and Mama


I am so little and sometimes I cannot help you around. I don’t see this life and this world they way you see, not yet but someday I will. Papa & Mama, please don’t scream at me, I am so little and I am afraid that you will leave me. If you want me to get better in things, show me love first and Love will lead me to do things, all the good things.

All I ask for is you loving God, loving each other and show all the love you have for me by spending time with me.

I understand you are tired, busy and working so hard for the family. Sometimes papa, all I want is your time not your money. Your love and kindness will sustain me, help me to become a better man or a better women. Mama, So sorry when I don’t listen to you. when I don’t want to eat sometimes, I just wanted to play because that all I do. Mama thank you for being kind to me.

Dear papa & mama; everyday when I look at to you I hope you love each other and you love me the most.


Best Regards






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