Chapter 2

20767978_10207798124789647_6736916053640352142_nThis old lady from fiji grabbed my hands and said ” this is gifted hands” and I just stood there and smiled.

With my gifted hands I’ve carried foods for pigs when I was age of 10, delivered news paper to homes even on the showy days in Hamar; carried plates at the age of 25; washed dishes, cleaned hotel rooms and looking forward to change diaper  for my kids one day ( haha).

With my gifted hands I’ve stolen as a kid 200 Kyat that my mom saved for tithe in the bible. With my gifted hands I’ve pointed someone and said very hurtful things because they were mean.

Last time I stood at the lake was in 2012; looked up to the sky and told the tiny little plane to take me away from the town to somewhere far; by myself to a big island. Today; I am at the beginning of “Chapter 2” of my life. Few weeks ago I stood at the edge of the rock at Maroubra Beach, watched the waves hit the rocks and watched the clear sky and praised God for never taken Holy Spirit away from me and Jesus to saved my soul, My church “Hillsong Church” for nurturing with the living water through Christ.

With my gifted hands I am lifting up to worship God, I am reaching out to the poor, I am giving a helping hands; genuine handshakes without agendas. With my gifted hands I serve the Lord and his people at His kingdom.





Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of no where right now. You are not really sure which way to go; this way or the other way. Mary Capper; VP of Hillsong College said at City Chapel “Do you want comfort or influence?”.

SELFISHLY I wanted to stay where I am at because this is what I’ve been praying desperately for many years ago. Prides are like the ink; they covered my eyes to not to see the big picture of Gods purpose in my life.

THE PURPOSE of my life is not to serve my own desires, my decisions and my will. I am here to prepare for the unknown future. I was blind but now I see; I am here to serve the LORD Jesus; Worship God; make a decision every day to love him, forgive myself and genuinely love the other person next to me.

Fears; they are waging wars agains my prayers and FAITH.  FEARS DOES NOT COME FROM GOD. Repeatedly I told myself BOLDY WALK ON THE FIRE I will not be burn down because He is with me and in me. He who is in me is STRONGER than the he is staring at me.

What do I want?  I have neither plan A or B. My life is a blank page where I am allowing God to write a new beautiful story of my life. I trust him with my future and my present. I know I am on the right way; this is not highway to HELL but High way to HOME . Well I want to be one of the greatest INFLUENCER.

So what are my steps

  1. First seek the kingdom of GOD and all things shall be added unto you [ Matt 6:33]
  2. Say NO for now to what you wanted badly but HANG OUT with Jesus [ Matt 16:24 ]
  3. I have plans for you DECLARES THE LORD, so SERVE others in the Waiting [ Jeremiah 29:11]














Dear Matupi
I pray that I may visit you one day. Make a book for you so my grandchildren will know that you existed. Hold on my city, we are in a preparation for something greater. What are you asking for, what are you needing? what are you craving for?

With Love