BEAUTY; How would you define “beauty”? What is your reaction to beauty at first sign? Are we all different being on how we react to the beauty? Is that the beauty that shape our relationships? Where and what form do you find beauty in each other?

For me; We are unique in our ways and our uniqueness appears in different shapes and forms. Our beauty wasn’t defined by our backgorunds, our social status or our looks but the souls that is within us.

When I was younger, my mom would told me to have a kind heart and pure in the heart. I carried it as long I could through storms in my life. Today I want to pass this message to you ” No matter how things are going in life, Take a deep breath, be bigger than you were at the last second and NEVER let bad situations take over your heart.”





With Love

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The Last 100 days in Sydney


Time Traveler 


Free Whale Watching at Maroubra 


White Foam and The surfer 


Young lady at Surry Street in Sydney 


Morning Swim 


The Day trip 


My Sydney secret lover – Sharon Flower