The Last 100 days in Sydney

Time Traveler 
Free Whale Watching at Maroubra 
White Foam and The surfer 
Young lady at Surry Street in Sydney 
Morning Swim 
The Day trip 
My Sydney secret lover – Sharon Flower 

When you are feeling ….

When you are feeling like giving up, here is a word for you. 

I believe we all are going through tough journey somehow in life. If we look at each other only on the surface we would be thinking “Wow this is beautiful life” but honestly we are facing small – medium or big battles in life. 

I took this picture at New Castle few weeks ago where all the sandune happening an hour from Hamilton. If you look at the picture I hope you could feel that she is heading forward to a place she is aiming to through the wind. 

The power of the wind could either make your muscles to gave up on going further or stuck standing where you are at. The result tells on how strong determination you have in your heart. 

I hope you do have a strong heart and strong determination to face the fear and overcome every obstacles. 

With love