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Can I tell you a story? I met this girl, Julienne B from Congo back in 2006 in Norway along side with her siblings. Over the last many years we have built our friendships, I might not be her closets friend but she was for me. I loved her even though I was mad at her for not being there for me when I was hurting but she loved me through my worse days.

We used to hang out a lot, at my place and her place. Usually when I go visit her house, there is always African vibes and I love eating dinner at their house. When she is in my house we will be on MSN and chatting this particular guy that she has crush on. This girl love everything about Disney and I remember she used to say she love Pocahontas movie.

Few days ago, I watched that girl that I met in 2006 has become a fully grown women. I also get the chance to met her boyfriend Ben from UK, they have been dating for years now. A year before she started to date him, I have watched my girl ask me questions WHEN IS HER TURN YET? – I think I told her to wait for Gods timing & enjoy the single life.

When I took this photo I felt the joy for my dearest friend. I’ve always hoped and wished that she would find a good guy. I hoped to see her walking down with white wedding dress marrying the guy that would love her with all of his heart.

So if you are out there, thinking Love is gone, late, or thinking you don’t deserve to be loved – trust me the kind of love that you are looking for will arrive on time. In the mean time, Love yourself, Love God and Love others and He/She will arrive. They are just around the corner ….Love is real and your turn is next.