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OSLO – PHOTOS – LAICHO; Well I took sometimes off when I got a chance to explore the city the way I like to do. I think there are more to explore, more to capture and more to share with the world. I have to be honest with the world that I am not confident taking photos of people on the street without asking and I have not yet come to that points and that kind of confident where I ask people to let me take their photos. So In my images you will see most of the people from the back, their shadows etc.

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I hope to get to do this more often.



Sunlight, Portrait & Preset

Last year about 6 months before I came back to Norway, I challenged myself to ask more people to be a model for me whenever we find time that fit for the model and myself. I was a bit scare of asking people mostly because of their time, work and other activities. On the other side I was a bit ( can’t explain the feelings) to ask mostly guys because I didn’t wanted to looks like I was looking for something than portraits. But I ended up asking around 5 guys and 1 said yes to be a model.

I remember the sun that stood in the middle of the sky that day around ca 9am. I don’t know if you have ever been in that kind of situation especially when you are self-taught in photography and you are just trying to getting to know with your equipments. Out of the 366 images, I’ve got ca 200 after edits.

While I was shooting I didn’t know that pictures will be that overexposed. It’s crazy how disappointing when I look at the pictures before I tried to edit 5 months ago.  It actually took me 4/5 months to finally put my fingers on the pictures and of course I have to go through presets after presets & making sure that all the images are on the same colour. I knew that I needed time to think about how I want the end product. I wish I could share more images of Nick here but here is our very favourite. Let us know what you think & don’t forget check our images on Instagram @Laich09


Best Wishes






Love me until 70

A week before I left Brisbane, My dad requested me to capture images of my grandparents.  In that instance I wasn’t paying attention to their(My grandparents) journey and their love story. Something like; who said I love you first? was it arrange marriage or Love marriage?

I don’t know about you but When I look at this images, it challenged me to look at the LOVE in different perspective. I haven’t lost hope in Love at all but honestly I was afraid to fall in love again. I didn’t want to take chances on people or even the idea of being in relationship because I am getting too comfortable with living just like that and I wouldn’t think how that would looks like when I am in my 70th.

I asked myself while I was editing few weeks ago; who would I spend my last hours with ? Who would that be? Will I be able to commit to the person if I ever get married? Will I ever stay next to the person through ups and downs?

How do you do marriage?

Well CHEERS to all the grandparents & people who stick with each other through ups and downs. I hope my generation will watch and learn to value LOVE< MARRIAGE & COMMITMENTS.

Best Love