Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of no where right now. You are not really sure which way to go; this way or the other way. Mary Capper; VP of Hillsong College said at City Chapel “Do you want comfort or influence?”.

SELFISHLY I wanted to stay where I am at because this is what I’ve been praying desperately for many years ago. Prides are like the ink; they covered my eyes to not to see the big picture of Gods purpose in my life.

THE PURPOSE of my life is not to serve my own desires, my decisions and my will. I am here to prepare for the unknown future. I was blind but now I see; I am here to serve the LORD Jesus; Worship God; make a decision every day to love him, forgive myself and genuinely love the other person next to me.

Fears; they are waging wars agains my prayers and FAITH.  FEARS DOES NOT COME FROM GOD. Repeatedly I told myself BOLDY WALK ON THE FIRE I will not be burn down because He is with me and in me. He who is in me is STRONGER than the he is staring at me.

What do I want?  I have neither plan A or B. My life is a blank page where I am allowing God to write a new beautiful story of my life. I trust him with my future and my present. I know I am on the right way; this is not highway to HELL but High way to HOME . Well I want to be one of the greatest INFLUENCER.

So what are my steps

  1. First seek the kingdom of GOD and all things shall be added unto you [ Matt 6:33]
  2. Say NO for now to what you wanted badly but HANG OUT with Jesus [ Matt 16:24 ]
  3. I have plans for you DECLARES THE LORD, so SERVE others in the Waiting [ Jeremiah 29:11]