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PS.Wanja M.Nerli

Have I told you that I went to Hiphop dance class with one of my closest friend in 9th grades and it was my first and my last class ever in my life? Well, I tried break dance, because I really loved it. I watched every BREAK DANCE movies you could remember and I will try to make friends with those who love dancing. At the end of the day, I have to accept that I am a fish and I cannot climb a tree. ( hehe)

Few weeks ago, I got to shoot one of the PS Dance Crew member & a dance teacher who is 17 years old. I was nervous; first of all because PS Dance crew was on Norwegian Talent show and I have never shot a dancer before.

I love the idea of taking a challenge so I said LETs GO and we did a few shots. I didn’t edit much so she could do what ever she wanted with the picture. It was Fun, we went to different location and different backgrounds. One of my fear on that day was  harsh sun light. Since I haven’t mastered it yet, but we were so blessed that the sky went a little dark and I didn’t have to do much on my mac.

I would love to shoot it in studio with good lightning also creative. I am looking forward to meet people who is willing to be creative in the future.

Here’s are my fav images!
Let us know WHATS your challenges shotting dancer?






I have been spending my times and energy on trusting God and his timing at this season. Meanwhile I take a moment, grabs my 5 years old NikonD7000 50mm 1:1.8 D with me every morning to the lake which is 10 min walk from my place. I enjoy the view, the voice of the water, and watch how the sky turned to different colours.

Today I have collected these images to share with you, I have to be honest that I am not so confident about my photography and denied many times before although how much I actually love taking photos and editing.

God is the most creative God I know. How good is he making beautiful details for our world. I hope we all are taking care of it so that we could share it with our generations in the future.

Be Bless

Traveling Photography


London was incredible & wonderful place to get street Photos. I didn’t go a lot of places this time and get the best out of London but I got some & I am sharing with you.

I dreamed of going to London for years and years, finally I made it in 2018 #tDAAA. I thought it wasn’t that safe to walk around but I did and I am ALIVE. When I arrived to the country I thought I might get lost with the traffic but hey I am giving you  9/10 for being flexible with transportation.

Few of my favorite thing about london is their Big parks, historical buildings and cafe shops every corner. I found one of my Clothing brand in London #RESERVED, WOW ! HAVE YOU CHECK THAT STORE? You should, you could find it in Oxford str. I dind’t shop anything BUT I WILLLL very soon.

I will be uploading more of my images on I would love for you to check it out. Since I didn’t want other people to use my images without telling me I have watermark. If you want to borrow/use the images I would love for you to contact me.


Much Love


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YES !!! SPRING IS HERE in Norway. I am so happy to finally see the sun. I thought I didn’t like the sun but I doooo ( sobbing) ! Sometimes in between I miss Sydney and all the beautiful beaches, I don’t know what I would feel though if I have to leave Norway someday. That someday is not here yet but here are few photos I’ve got from the last few days ago


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As usual I will go out for a walk and I have this planned out without checking the temperature. I brought my Nikon D7000 with few lens alongside with me. I didn’t check the temperature because I didn’t thought it would be that cold. So here is a tip for you; check temperature/weather, dress well. & warm before you are going out no matter what seasons you find yourself in.

The best part of the evening was that I get to spend sometimes doing what I like to do the most. Out of all my creative activities, such as singing, or learning guitar but photographing is still close to my heart and writing although I am still improving my skills.

One thing about this image is that, I don’t think any structure and any limits when I release the shutter speed. For once in life I let myself break the rules and regulations in taking photos. I mean we all have different limist and rules we set for ourselvs or we have been passed down by long time before and mine is not that extreme. All I am saying is I stopped, I enjoyed and I took this image.

I walked over the frozen lake for 20 min and I had to run back to find warm place in the city ( 5min walk) and grabbed a cafe.


Have a great weekend  & click here to see more images ( TRAVEL )



Traveling Photography



OSLO – PHOTOS – LAICHO; Well I took sometimes off when I got a chance to explore the city the way I like to do. I think there are more to explore, more to capture and more to share with the world. I have to be honest with the world that I am not confident taking photos of people on the street without asking and I have not yet come to that points and that kind of confident where I ask people to let me take their photos. So In my images you will see most of the people from the back, their shadows etc.

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I hope to get to do this more often.



Sunlight, Portrait & Preset

Last year about 6 months before I came back to Norway, I challenged myself to ask more people to be a model for me whenever we find time that fit for the model and myself. I was a bit scare of asking people mostly because of their time, work and other activities. On the other side I was a bit ( can’t explain the feelings) to ask mostly guys because I didn’t wanted to looks like I was looking for something than portraits. But I ended up asking around 5 guys and 1 said yes to be a model.

I remember the sun that stood in the middle of the sky that day around ca 9am. I don’t know if you have ever been in that kind of situation especially when you are self-taught in photography and you are just trying to getting to know with your equipments. Out of the 366 images, I’ve got ca 200 after edits.

While I was shooting I didn’t know that pictures will be that overexposed. It’s crazy how disappointing when I look at the pictures before I tried to edit 5 months ago.  It actually took me 4/5 months to finally put my fingers on the pictures and of course I have to go through presets after presets & making sure that all the images are on the same colour. I knew that I needed time to think about how I want the end product. I wish I could share more images of Nick here but here is our very favourite. Let us know what you think & don’t forget check our images on Instagram @Laich09


Best Wishes