I have been spending my times and energy on trusting God and his timing at this season. Meanwhile I take a moment, grabs my 5 years old NikonD7000 50mm 1:1.8 D with me every morning to the lake which is 10 min walk from my place. I enjoy the view, the voice of the water, and watch how the sky turned to different colours.

Today I have collected these images to share with you, I have to be honest that I am not so confident about my photography and denied many times before although how much I actually love taking photos and editing.

God is the most creative God I know. How good is he making beautiful details for our world. I hope we all are taking care of it so that we could share it with our generations in the future.

Be Bless

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The Last 100 days in Sydney


Time Traveler 


Free Whale Watching at Maroubra 


White Foam and The surfer 


Young lady at Surry Street in Sydney 


Morning Swim 


The Day trip 


My Sydney secret lover – Sharon Flower