The Waiting Hours

I’ve been waiting 

The waiting hours feels like walking on wide-spread safari somewhere out there. The destinations seem further and further away. I don’t know how you cope with the waiting hours? For me; I wake up every morning, tidy up my bed, walked out of my house like I am about to blow up the devil.

Are you stuck where you are at today while you are waiting? Waiting for a result, an answer or perhaps the bus to arrive? Perhaps some of you are secretly waiting for a friend, a lover, a family member to give you a call?
For me I am waiting for an answer from God for my next journey, a breakthrough in few areas of my life.

In this waiting hours; I’ve learned that we could either get ready or get lazy.

Some of us has been waiting for something to happen in life or in some particular situations. Your emotions are not strong enough YET so you fall backward. suddenly You getting tired of walking on that dry safari so you just picked up your remote control and turn the TVs on. You didn’t realise it was December until the post card from your mom said “Happy Christmas” Hope to see you soon.

– but I always have a belief that ” THERE IS ALWAYS AWAY OUT”. I actually don’t know how this works; but I think in the waiting hours our emotions are quite sensitive. Think about yourself as a house, and the door just opened by the winds. Anything and everything can come to you or walked out of you. This is the time; where you get easily confused.

So while you are waiting for something in life right now; a pregnancy test or whatever do not over think, let me repeat “DO NOT OVER THINK”. Do not listen to the voices that take you to the darkest valley; keep your eyes alert and open. Look up and fold your hands and pray for strength while you are waiting. Most of all take this moment as a challenge and lesson for growth in your life.

pss! While waiting, don’t just sit there on your sofa BUT GET UP, DRESS UP and BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF YOUR WAY. 



Proverbs 14:29 Whoever is patient has great understanding,
but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.



Best wishes & Loves












Dear Matupi
I pray that I may visit you one day. Make a book for you so my grandchildren will know that you existed. Hold on my city, we are in a preparation for something greater. What are you asking for, what are you needing? what are you craving for?

With Love